Supporting law and order

There are few professions that require their members to run into danger while everyone else is running from it. Police officers, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and firefighters do this on a regular basis.

Ending the war on drivers

One question I am often asked when my team and I are door knocking is: what do you mean by “ending the war on drivers”? I’m happy to take the opportunity here to flesh that out for you.

City taxes and spending

Year after year, Edmontonians raise concerns about tax increases approved by city council. Some candidates and councillors are perfectly okay with increasing tax rates in order to fund increased spending. I am not.

Red tape delays

Edmonton has a big problem with red tape. It is hurting regular Edmontonians trying to open or grow a business, it is discouraging community revitalization, and it is increasing the cost of housing. As we look toward coming out of the pandemic, we cannot afford further economic damage caused by unnecessary regulation.

Edmonton's bike lanes

Bike lanes are a lightning rod in municipal politics, and Edmonton is no exception. As such, it is a topic that needs to be addressed.

Edmonton's bus network redesign

On April 25, Edmonton’s new bus network redesign comes into effect. All city bus routes -- and stops -- will be changed. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to look at how you’ll be affected, I encourage you to take a look here.

Why I'm Running

Four years ago, I ran for Edmonton City Council in what was then ward 4 and has now been renamed Dene. I was a proud north-ender, invested in Edmonton, and wanted the opportunity to work for you for the betterment of our northeast communities. That is still true today.

Tricia Velthuizen for Edmonton City Council